The purpose of pruning your trees is to maintain them, ensure they are in a safe condition, improve their aesthetics, promote their growth, control their shape and size and/or improve the quality of their flowers, fruits or timber. There a variety of pruning methods. Each is aimed at achieving a specific task for certain types of trees. We have experience in all crown lifting methods and choose one that best suits your situation and needs.

Understanding crown lifting

Crown lifting is a way of pruning trees. It will require trained tree surgeons to cut and remove the lower branches of a tree or prepare them for removal in the near future. To perform crown lifting in a proper manner as per best practices, the large branches growing directly out of the tree trunk at the bottom should not be cut.

This is because it will result in large wounds which could begin to decay extensively leading to unnecessary problems in the long run and biomechanical instability in the short run. It is essential to avoid the crown lifting of older trees. Instead of removing the whole branch only parts of the lower branches should be removed for the purpose of crown lifting.

Problems that could occur during crown lifting

  • Epicormic growth could force the tree into growing taller
  • Over pruning can lead to decay inside the trunk of the of the tree
  • Discoloration of the wood and sunburn on the lower part of the tree could arise as a result of removing too many branches from the lower section
  • Instability to the tree as a result of unprofessional crown lifting
  • We have the experience, knowledge, and training to handle any kind of problem that may occur during the crown lifting process. We are equipped to handle it seamlessly.

Why we recommend crown lifting to our customers?

Crown lifting helps increase the clearance between the ground and the lower branches. And if done by professional tree surgeons like us, you will not have to deal with the issues of poor crown lifting.

Better access below the tree
This way cars and pedestrians can safely and easily move under the branches. It reduces the obstacles in the path of vehicular traffic and walkers.

Keep away from buildings
If the branches of your trees are touching the walls of your home or workplace, it is necessary for you to have them cut down to size to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Allowing light and circulation of air
Removing branches at the bottom of a tree helps increase the amount of light passing through its branches to its trunk. Simultaneously, it also allows air to circulate through the canopy.

Offers a clear view
If the lower branches of your trees are close to the ground, it will hamper your view. To avoid this from happening you can use our crown lifting service and clear up your view of what’s ahead.

We are experts in crown lifting and have helped many homeowners get beautifully shaped and pruned trees. Contact us today for our specialist crown lifting service and experience why this service is so popular.