Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry insurance?

Yes, we are fully covered.

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

There are many different variables that are taken into account when giving an estimate so it can be difficult to do via phone.  Some of these are the size, location, hazards, equipment needed.  If you are able to email us photos of the trees and surrounding area, we can often give you an estimate via email.

How long does it take to get my estimate once I call?

We try to accommodate your schedule when booking a time to come provide you an estimate.  We generally are able to come out within a day or two from when you call, depending on how busy our schedule is.

What is the best time of year to have my trees pruned?

We recommend either early spring or late fall.

Why do you discourage topping trees?

Originally, it was thought that by topping a tree it would encourage new growth. As with many other things, this line of thought has changed. Now, it’s thought that the tree may be put into undo stress by taking the entire tree top off. Instead, we now recommend selective pruning.

Why did you leave the grindings from our stump?

Due to insurance, we are required to fill in any stump holes. We would much rather fill a hole in than have someone get injured.

We are building a house and would like to save a tree from construction damage. What do you recommend?

We recommend creating a safe buffer zone around the tree at about the drip line. This will prevent any unnecessary damage being done to the roots. You can accomplish this easily with a small fence and inform the contractors what it’s there for so that they can avoid the area. After the construction is finished it can take up to approximately 5yrs. for any lasting damage to show.

Do you sell firewood?

As a general rule, the answer is no. Feel free to call and if we aren’t doing it at the moment we can refer you to someone.

How do you prune fruit trees?

We prefer and use the “open center” method of pruning fruit trees. This means I will remove a substantial portion of the growth on the inside/upper/canopy portion of the tree allowing for more air circulation and more light to get to the lower and exterior branches. While there are several pruning methods, and much disagreement among “experts”, over the past 30 years I have found this to work best. I try to leave as many fruiting buds as possible and recommend to fruit tree customers that they import orchard mason bees

What about chipper service?

My chipper will handle up to ten inch diameter logs. Chips can be left onsite or hauled away. Any materials you want chipped should NOT be staged on gravel or rocks or contain any root materials or metals as these will damage our chipper knives. If you wish to stage the limbs yourself all butt-ends should be pointed toward the chipper.

Stump Grinding?

My stump grinding machine is self-propelled and will fit through a 30 inch gate, grind stumps to a depth of 12 inches or more. I have tackled stumps up to eight feet in diameter. The main safety concern is underground utilities. You should always call a locator service (it’s free) before hiring anyone to do stump grinding . The other primary safety concerns are people and windows. I always set up plywood to prevent damage and injury and if any human comes near the machine I simply shut it down. Only a qualified operator should be anywhere near a stump grinder as rocks and debris can be thrown.