When planting new trees it takes a lot of consideration and pre planning. There are various factors that come into play like the soil in your yard, the tree species, the weather conditions, the location of the tree and the potential size and shape the tree will take as it grows. And we, as experienced and qualified tree services, know the best options for you based on the conditions around you.

When to plant

The best time to plant trees is during the dormant seasons such as autumn once the leaves have fallen or during the early spring time when before the trees and plants can blossom and bloom. But if the trees are properly cared for in nurseries and transported with the appropriate care to avoid damage, they can be planted at almost any time of year. Either way it is important to take the right steps to ensure a healthy future for the tree. With our help, you can ensure your trees will last a long time.

Picking the tree

According to your surroundings you need to pick an appropriate tree. But that’s not it you need to get a healthy tree which is capable of withstanding the conditions of your surroundings. When it comes to planting big trees, the ideal tree is one with a single stem and branches growing along it. It is important to avoid excessively pruned trees and trees that have pruning wounds that have not yet healed. If you don’t know how to identify the ideal tree for planting, it is advisable to call tree surgery experts like us.

Preparing the site for planting

Once a tree is removed from the ground or its original habitat, it goes into a transplant shock. So it is essential to work quickly and efficiently to get it into its new home so that it can be cared for immediately and become accustomed to its new surroundings.

The soil in the spot where the tree needs to be will be dug by our crew of tree surgeons to create a cavity for the roots of the tree to fit into and also to loosen up the soil so that the roots can easily expand and establish themselves. The depth of the hole will depend on where the trunk flare is located. New roots begin to grow within 12 inches of the top soil. So, if the hole is too deep, it will prevent new roots from growing due to the lack of oxygen.

Planting the tree

Next we carefully place the tree into the hole preventing any damage to its roots and trunk. It is straightened out and the hole is filled half way, then the soil is patted down gently yet firmly. Finally to eliminate air pockets, we put in a few inches of soil and water.

Once the tree is in place cover the top of the soil with mulch to benefit the tree and offer you with follow up care to maintain the spectacular beauty of your new tree.