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When it comes to having old trees removed, you definitely want to choose the best company for the job.  However, not all tree removal companies are created equal and not all tree service businesses have the proper insurance, safety record or even tree knowledge to do the job correctly.  It can be a difficult task shopping around for a good quality, professional tree removal company, but it doesn’t have to be.  With a few of our tips, you will know the exact questions to ask and what to expect from a reputable tree service as well as some things you should look out for.  It’s understandable that when you have a tree emergency, the last thing you want to be doing is searching the internet, doing research to figure out how to get that tree taken down.  The main thing on your mind is not having a tree fall on your home, vehicles or family.  This is why we recommend you get proactive and do your research BEFORE you need a tree removal service.  Take a look at how long the company has been in business.  Newer companies may not have the experience in tree servicing that you require.  Also consider their online reviews on Google & Yelp.  This information from past customers can tell a lot about the reputation and reliability of a tree company.  You generally can’t go wrong using a company that has a lot of positive customer reviews.  This means they take the time to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their work and pricing.

Some Other Tree Services We Offer in North Park

  • tree removal
  • tree trimming
  • tree pruning
  • stump grinding
  • stump removal
  • emergency tree servicing
  • tree root removal
  • tree canopy reduction
  • palm tree trimming
  • palm tree removal

North Park is a neighborhood in San Diego, California, United States, as well as a larger “community” as defined by the City of San Diego for planning purposes. It includes the sub-neighborhoods of Burlingame, Altadena, and the Morley Field area (site of the Dryden Historic District). North Park is part of the 53rd congressional district, and San Diego City Council District 3.The “community” of North Park as defined for planning purposes includes University Heights on the north and Juniper Canyon as the southern boundary, thus including as far southeast as Ceder Park in the officially defined community. The North Park sign can be seen at 30th Street and University Avenue, and this intersection is often considered to be the heart of the neighborhood.Forbes magazine named North Park as one of America’s best hipster neighborhoods, noting that “culturally diverse North Park is home to Craftsman cottages, cafes and diners, coffee shops, several microbreweries, boutiques, and the North Park Farmers Market. The North Park Theater and the Ray Street Arts District are also bastions of creativity in the area. Over the past 15 years, North Park has seen significant increases in housing prices and additional gentrification of both residential and commercial neighborhoods.  (source:,_San_Diego)

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