If you want to keep your trees looking great and healthy for years to come, annual tree trimming is an absolute necessity.  Tree trimming (or lacing) is vital to help promote new tree growth by allowing more sun and air flow to the inner portions of the tree.  Trimming away old, dead growth is also important for maintaining the overall long term health of the tree.

Be cautious about over thinning however.  Some tree trimming services tend to get a little overzealous with the chain saw now and again.  Pruning too much growth can stunt the trees growth, as most of a trees nutrients and energy reserves are stored in the branches and foliage.  We’ve developed a tree trimming system that only removes inner branches, limbs and foliage.  This keeps the overall shape of your trees looking nice, while they are able to continue growing from the inside out.


Why Should You Consider Tree Trimming?

  • Eliminates potentially hazardous falling branches
  • Supports long term tree health
  • Allows light & air flow to the inside of the tree
  • Lowers wind resistance
  • Keeps trees away from structures & power lines
  • Keeps trees looking great

Our Tree Trimming Methods

Properly trimming & pruning trees is a little art and science mixed together.  Anyone can start randomly cutting branches from a tree, but not all services know which limbs should be cut and the proper way to cut them.

We start by thinning the tree’s canopy, which allows more sunlight to the interior of the tree.  This helps make a strong interior and increases the size of the tree’s trunk diameter.  The additional air flow prevents infection and disease.  If a tree can’t breath, it can’t stay healthy.

As trees age, they have a tendency to grow laterally in search of more sun light. Long lateral branches and multiple trunks can actually put more strain on a tree and stop healthy growth.  This is where structural trimming is a necessity.  We cut away this additional growth to give the tree a single trunk with even branch spacing.  This helps the tree grow up, not out.  With vertical growth, the tree will live longer and remain healthy.

Frequently, a tree’s canopy will start to grow into neighboring trees, power lines or structures.  Reducing the canopy size by trimming the outer portion of the tree allows it to stay within it’s allotted space.

Crown cleaning is another important trimming method that involves removing dying or dead branches and limbs.  This promotes healthy, new growth through out the entire tree.

We offer home & property owners affordable tree trimming & pruning and many more services.  If you would like a free estimate on your tree trimming project, give us a call at (858) 587-2201 or fill out our online estimate form above and we will get back to you quickly with a price.

Why Choose San Diego Tree Removal?

  • We’ve been in the tree service business for many years.  In that time, we’ve developed extensive knowledge of all aspects of tree care which we are able to utilize when servicing your trees.
  • We are fully insured, licensed & bonded so you know that you are using a company that cares not only about your trees and property, but about the well being of our employees.
  • We have many satisfied customers all over San Diego County.
  • We follow strict safety regulations in regards to tree removal and tree care.
  • Our prices are affordable and our service is 100% professional.
  • We show up on time and do the job we promise.  There’s not many companies in any industry that can say that.