Here is a list of the most popular tree issues and the solutions for each problem.

Tree limbs or shrubs are in the way of my view
Solution: vista pruning, crown reduction, raise the skirt, thinning, or removal.
Trees or shrubs block a window, walkway, traffic, sunlight, or breeze
Solution: cutback, crown reduction, raise the skirt, thinning, or removal.
Parts of my property are very overgrown and people are drinking and sleeping there
Solution: raise the skirt, remove underbrush, grind stumps.

My lawn doesn’t get enough sun
Solution: thinning, cutback, crown reduction, raise the skirt, or removal.
Trees shade pool so much that the water is cold
Solution: thinning, cutback, crown reduction, raise the skirt, or removal.
Tree blocks desired breeze
Solution: thinning, removal, cutback, crown reduction, or raise the skirt.
Tree is too close to building
Solution: removal and stump grinding.
Tree is in the wrong place
Solution: removal, transplant.
Tree is in my way
Solution: removal, transplant, or cutback.
Tree has branches over roof or fireplace
Solution: cutback or raise the skirt.
Roof rats jump onto roof from tree
Solution: raise the skirt, cutback or removal.
Tree has branches rubbing house
Solution: cutback
Tree drops too much fruit onto ground
Solution: pick fruit before it drops (or have someone else, like Senior Gleaners, pick it,) apply a fruit setting inhibitor, or remove the tree and grind the stump.
Tree drops too much litter
Solution: clean out tree, or remove tree and grind the stump.
There are too many leaves on my roof
Solution: clean out tree, remove tree, raise limbs over roof, cut back limbs over roof.
Leaves are filling up my rain gutter
Solution: clean out tree or remove tree, raise limbs over rain gutter, cut back limbs over rain gutter, install leaf guard on rain gutter.
Don’t like the tree
Solution: remove tree and grind the stump.
Tree looks sick or dying
Solution: hire an arborist to diagnose the problem.
Tree has disease
Solution: Hire an Arborist to identify the disease. Then, depending upon the disease, spray or inject chemicals, prune out infected areas, remove the tree, or fallow other methods the arborist recommends.
Tree has cavity
Solution: Do nothing; install drain tube, fill with foam, lighten the weight above the cavity, and remove limb or tree.
Tree has lots of insects
Solution: Hire an arborist to identify the insects. Then depending upon the insect, do nothing, use natural pest controls (biological agents), spray or inject insecticides, etc., or remove the tree and stump.
Tree drips sap on car, walkway, or deck
Solution: Unless the sap is coming from pruning cuts made in late winter or spring, that’s probably not sap. It’s almost certainly excrement from lots of small insects misting down. (see “tree has lots of insects”)
Tree has wasp or bee nest
Solution: Do nothing and stay a fair distance away. Spray an insecticide and hire a bee-removal specialist.
Tree has canker
Solution: Remove infected tissue, or remove tree to improve tree vigor.
Tree has mistletoe
Solution: Spray for mistletoe in winter (thin tree before spraying). Remove several inches to several feet of branch or trunk below mistletoe. Cut mistletoe back to branch or trunk and affix black plastic (5 mm thick) over mistletoe stub (to shade it out) and keep plastic in place several years.
Tree has sparse growth
Solution: Hire an arborist to identify the problem. Increase watering, decrease watering, fertilize, modify soil conditions, check for insects and diseases.
Tree doesn’t have much fruit
Solution: Some trees are naturally cyclical in fruit production. Your fruit tree may have been pruned improperly. Different species of fruit trees require different methods of fruit tree pruning. Watering is another factor. Weather and bees, and other insects, contribute to pollination and thereby fruit production also.
Tree has construction injury
Solution: If wound is on trunk, trim off ragged edges of wound and promote tree vigor by proper watering and fertilization. You can also remove the tree and grind the stump. If wound is on limbs, use corrective pruning.
Want tree to look neat
Solution: trim tree
Tree looks wrong
Solution: consult an arborist, trim tree.
Tree is too tall
Solution: crown reduction, removal, pollarding.
Tree is too thick
Solution: thinning
Tree has poor shape
Solution: shaping
Tree skirt is uneven
Solution: trim skirt.
Tree skirt is too low
Solution: raise skirt.
Tree smells bad
Solution: certain sexes of certain trees naturally smell bad. Remove tree or check for bacteria.
Tree is growing into power lines
Solution: If the problem is between the pole and the house, have an arborist cut back the limbs or remove the tree. If the problem is between poles, call the utility company.
Tree has broken top
Solution: Remove the broken portion and have corrective pruning done over the years or remove tree.
Tree has dead top
Solution: (See “tree has broken top”)
Tree is dead
Solution: Do nothing or remove tree and stump.
Tree poll over
Solution: Remove tree and stump.
Tree is leaning
Solution: Has it always been leaning? Not necessarily a problem. Is the lean recent? Are there cracks in the soil near the trunk? If so, this tree may need to be removed, thinned, or have the crown reduced immediately.
I’m concerned about lightning striking the tree
Solution: Install a lightning protection system.
Tree blocks streetlight
Solution: Cutback thinning.
Tree has weak limbs
Solution: Corrective pruning, end weight reduction, structural pruning, thinning.
Tree has broken branches
Solution: Corrective pruning, end weight reduction, structural priming, thinning.
Tree has lots of dead limbs
Solution: Dead wooding, thinning.
Big limb broke off
Solution: Corrective pruning, end weight reduction, structural priming, thinning.
Too much fruit breaking limbs
Solution: End weight reduction, thin (remove) some of the fruit.
Need cabling
Solution: Call us, we’ll install it. However, you should know that cabling only assists limbs from breaking. It does not guarantee it. In addition cables periodically need adjustment.
Palm tree is a fire hazard
Solution: Remove dry, dead fronds.
Lawn mower hits surface roots
Solution: Remove tree or roots (root pruning). Alternatively, spread a thin layer of sandy loam over lawn and roots. Seed or sod if existing grass fails to grow through.
Surface roots are heaving sidewalk
Solution: Remove tree or roots.
Surface roots are ruining my lawn
Solution: (See “lawn mower hits surface roots”)
Surface roots look unattractive
Solution: (See “lawn mower hits surface roots”)
There are roots girdling the trunk
Solution: Remove girdling roots.
There’s an old stump in my yard
Solution: grind stump.
Trees have taken over the yard
Solution: Prune or remove trees.
Need trees planted
Solution: Call us.
Need trees staked
Solution: Call us.
Need better water system for trees
Solution: Call us, or an irrigation specialist.